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Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

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Essential Array methods in JavaScript. Part 2 - forEach

The next standard task is to iterate over all the elements of the array. It can also be solved with the regular for loop.Imagine that you need to display the value of all elements of an array, each on a new line.


Essential Array methods in JavaScript. Part 1 - filter

One of the most common data types in JS is an array. All arrays already contain all methods (functions) to work with the data inside the array.Let's start with an example of a simple array of a few numbers.


Invite Your Friends to Learn JavaScript for FREE!

Hey, there! I have great news for you today!If the only thing that was holding you back from becoming a Full Stack JavaScript professional was money, it's not an issue anymore!I'm launching a new feature that allows you to get a PREMIUM subscription to my Ful…


Getting started with Node Package Manager

Hey, I hope you're doing great today and making everything to become a Full-Stack JavaScript dev.From the learning perspective, writing everything yourself is correct.In the real world, though, most of the common coding tasks have been already solved. It's po…


Prices go up on April 15 and crypto payments

Hey, we're from Ukraine!I hope you're doing great with your efforts toward becoming a JavaScript professional.As some of you already know, I've been forced to leave my home and get my wife and kids to safety. War is no fun and I'm extremely lucky to have the …


Latest JavaScript Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Hey there! I hope 2022 started well for you. And if it hasn't, you can always make it better by learning Full-Stack JavaScript.Here's a list of some of the useful tips and tricks I published this far in 2022:Get random integer in a range using JavaScriptHow t…


Last day of 2021

Hey there! 2021 has been both a tough and fruitful year for CoderslangJS. The biggest challenge for me was not being able to devote all of my time to building the course.Yet, here we are on the 31st of December, 2021.22 thousand students started learning Full…


Error Handling in JavaScript

Hey there! A couple of days back, I've added a new lecture to my Full-Stack JavaScript Course.In this lecture, you'll learn why errors are important in JS and also:what is an error in JavaScripthow to handle errorshow to throw an errorhow to catch an errorwha…


12 New JavaScript Articles (FREE!)

Hey there! My opening line isn't going anywhere, and I'm looking forward to you Learning Full-Stack JavaScript.While the Full-Stack JS course has been my primary focus for the past few months, I'm resuming regular writing for article…


React.js and Modern Web Development

Hey there! I hope I'm not distracting you too much from Learning Full-Stack JavaScript.For the last couple of months, I've been working on expanding my Full-Stack JS course with React.js lectures.What is React.jsReact.js entered the web development scene in 2…


5 Essential Tips to Learn JavaScript Faster

Last time I've addressed one of the most common beginner questions. Specifically - How Long it Takes to Learn JavaScript.Today, let's get into the tips and suggestions you can use to reduce the difficulty of learning JavaScript.Focus on basic concepts firstJa…


How Long It Takes To Learn JavaScript

Good morning! Or is it an evening for you?Anyway, I hope you're doing great and feeling pumped to Learn Full-Stack JS.One of the most common questions beginner programmers ask is how long it takes to learn JavaScript. You want to know how long it will take yo…


The most useful terminal commands (Linux, Mac and UNIX)

Hey there! Long time to talk :)I hope you're doing great while learning Full-Stack JavaScript.Today I'd like to share with you a beginner's tutorial on the most useful Linux commands.You’ll learn the most common, cool, and useful console commands that you can…


JavaScript Help: Coderslang Discussion Forum

Hey there! Are you on track to becoming the Software Engineer in 2021 or have you pushed this task to 2022?Today is a very quick, yet important update.When you're learning to code, one of the most important things is to be able to get help with the topics tha…


Setting Up and Getting Started with PostgreSQL

Hey there! How's your progress with learning Full-Stack JavaScript?Last time we discussed Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL. It's an intro article that sets the foundation about the different types of Databases, why we use them, and what SQL is.Tod…


Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL

Hey there! I hope you're doing great today and that you're making significant progress in learning Full-Stack JavaScript.Today I want to tell you about Databases and SQL.If you're looking to become a Full-Stack dev, then learning how to persist and manage dat…


Why Are There So Many Programming Languages?

Hey! There are so many programming languages out there, and more are developed every few years. We have Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Ruby, Java, C#, and way too many more to list here.So you might be wondering – why are there so many programming languages, a…


Celebrating 1000 subs and Learning JavaScript Fast!

Learning JavaScript is hard - and sometimes it might feel like it's taking forever to get the basics.So I want to help you learn more efficiently & focus on the VIP stuff.In this article, I share some tips to help you learn JS a little faster.


Are you a good programmer?

If you were to learn one thing about web programming today, I suggest that's going to be all about making your web pages interactive.


Focus on the Core

Hey there! I always wonder what happens if we simplify things down to the very core? What if we let go of the shiny cover and look into the essence? How much is there to be found?Every time I see a CV of a Junior Dev that has 3 different frontend frameworks l…