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Learn to code in 2021

Coderslang Master
Coderslang Master
Hey there! I hope the first month of 2021 was good for you.
Now, that January is almost over, so here’s a quick recap of what we’ve done with the Coderslang team.
  • updated the free HTML tasks of the Full Stack JS course
  • added 50! new tasks and 10 lectures on fundamental CSS
  • made a complete redesign and improved performance of our coding blog
  • released the app English Words Finder on iOS
  • fixed some bugs in the Coderslang extension for Visual Studio code
And, we finally got ourselves a newsletter! This one will live at and will always be written in English.
The schedule is not yet clear and will depend on the amount of free time that I’ll have. Most likely you’ll get 2-3 emails every month.

Plans for 2021
Our main goal is to stay consistent and deliver new programming tutorials, coding tasks, and lectures on a regular basis. We have a couple of technical challenges ahead of us, but I’m confident that we’ll solve them.
Specifically, we plan to launch a platform that will allow you to learn mobile application development for iOS and Android using React Native.
Exactly as with all other programming tasks in CoderslangJS, you’ll program in Visual Studio Code and the verification of your solution will be automated. If you have submitted the faulty code, then we’ll send you back the list of improvements you need to make to pass the test.
This approach already works for plain JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Node.js tasks. Bringing it to React.js and React Native will empower your growth even more.
As much as want you to follow up with a short reply to this email, I also encourage you to join our growing community.
If you have any questions about solving coding tasks on CoderslangJS or feel like you haven’t fully grasped some concept, just post your question. We’re always ready to help you on Telegram or Twitter.
JavaScript Test
What's the output?
What's the output?
Can you add custom fields to regular JavaScript strings? Try to solve the test yourself and then check the correct answer here.
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If you want to hear more about some specific topic, do give me a shoutout on Twitter or Telegram, or just reply to this email. You can just say “hi” after all :)
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Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

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