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New Programming Tutorials and JavaScript Practice

Coderslang Master
Coderslang Master
Hey there! It’s Sunday and it’s Coderslang. A lot of interesting stuff happened over the last week, but I’ll start with a simple question.
If your answer is YES, then do one simple thing. Move this email to your primary inbox and add me ( to your contacts list.
Unfortunately, Google algorithms sometimes decide this email is a “promotion” and place it incorrectly. Next time it might not even reach you.

Interview Prep
Last week I’ve sent you a link to a free ebook that will help you prepare for the Junior JavaScript Interview. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do this now.
Global Perspective
You won’t get far without proper motivation. It’s best when you know why are you learning to code. What will you when you eventually learn?
Programming is a unique opportunity to be introduced into any company in the world being thousands of kilometers from its office.
No, you don’t need to hack into their servers. You will not spam. It’s just that the demand for developers is so high that the HR departments are looking for talent all around the world.
All you need is to meet the requirements and you will get the job.
New Articles
Every day I write new articles at Most of them are great for beginners, but there are some advanced topics as well. If you want to learn JavaScript, HTML, Node, React and understand how modern web development works in 2021, you’re in the right place.
Beginner Tutorials:
JavaScript Interview Questions:
That’s it for today. Remember that you can only learn to code in practice.
Good luck!
Full Stack JavaScript Curriculum
Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer
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Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

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