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React.js and Modern Web Development

Coderslang Master
Coderslang Master
Hey there! I hope I’m not distracting you too much from Learning Full-Stack JavaScript.
For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on expanding my Full-Stack JS course with React.js lectures.
What is React.js
React.js entered the web development scene in 2013 as an open-source project led by Facebook. Today, it’s one of the most popular tools to build single-page applications. In 2022 I expect React.js to continue its dominance.
Key factors that attributed to JavaScript’s popularity are:
  • Clear structure (easy to learn!)
  • Performance
  • Maintainability
I’m making final edits to the 11 React lectures that cover a wide range of topics from the JSX to Events and Hooks.
Once the lectures are ready, you’ll be able to access them from the Navigation section of the course.
JavaScript is the foundation
Whatever framework you choose, JavaScript remains the solid foundation of all web development.
JS runs natively in the browsers and there’s no visible replacement for it.
If you’re still debating which programming language to learn. Don’t hesitate and start learning JavaScript.
Thank me later :)
P.S. The prices are going up in 2022. Solve dozens of free coding tasks and subscribe for hundreds more for just 29$/month!

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